About Us

“ZOOTER is a unique delivery mastered by Australian bowling legend Shane Warne. The variation of this delivery and mystery around it resulted in a huge wicket haul for him.”
Shushrut Nasnodkar, the man behind ZOOTER himself is an accomplished leg spinner and cricket innovator. Hence, keeping in line with his sensibilities and this mystery resulting in a huge experience haul for patrons, the name ZOOTER! Experience Defined to perfection.
He is also a ECB Level 2 coach and has wealth of experience Playing club cricket in England for over 12 years.Also played/coached A Grade team in Hobart Australia for 2 years.
The main objective for ZOOTER is to provide a top class cricket experience to all Amateur players who have moved on in life to pursue their professional and corporate goals but share a common passion for playing the game. ZOOTER is all about reliving and achieving your sporting ambitions that never got priority over studies, career and family duties when you were growing up! And doing it in top style!!
Post phase 1 of institutionalising the cricket experience, our vision is to introduce similar experiences in other sports across the spectrum.
ZOOTER will make your sporting dream come live and make it happen!